Easy Back-to-College Skincare Routines

College season has arrived, bringing with it anxiety over our appearance and an intense desire to always look our best. While personalities and sense of humor can take us far, confidence may be hard-won without an impressive complexion. Here is how you can create any type of skin routine tailored specifically to you and maintain natural glow that we all strive to attain.

Every Skincare Routine Needs

One could make the argument that skincare routines differ from other practices; however, an ideal one must include five steps. Exfoliation, cleansing, moisturizing and moisturizing must all be part of a good skincare regiment to ensure healthy skin that shines without dry spots or acne breakouts. Which tools you use depends entirely upon personal choice but make sure all these elements are part of your plan.


Our skin is susceptible to harm every day. Many of us struggle with habitually touching our faces, leading us to apply oils directly onto its surface. Spicy foods or products with high sugar levels may exacerbate existing dry skin or cause breakouts around the mouth before we even realize we need to care. For optimal skin health use a gentle cleanser after each use to remove buildup or makeup that has built up and change pillowcases at least twice every week.


Exfoliating is an integral component of cleansing that can go a step further by exfoliating away dead skin cells while increasing skin elasticity. There are various products and tools designed for exfoliation available on the market; however, too long spent exfoliating can result in wrinkles and rough patches on your complexion.


Once your skin has been cleansed of oil and dead skin cells, it’s essential to add moisture back into your system. Products containing hyaluronic acid will increase moisture retention while simultaneously clearing away harmful and pore-clogging oils; additionally a good product should reduce visible pores during this phase.


Hydration is key! Now is the time to find your dream moisturizer to fill out wrinkles, lines and ensure your T-zone doesn’t dry out or split. Understand what your skin requires prior to purchasing an appropriate product – for instance if you suffer from oily skin avoid purchasing products specifically designed for dry skin as this could lead to acne outbreaks; just like when searching for homes to rent in Austin TX you should also be mindful about which products go onto your face!


Finally, the most essential product to include in any beauty regimen is sunscreen. You may select lower SPF options for everyday wear but keep higher SPF protection for occasions where sun exposure will be intense. Your skin’s wellbeing should always be top of mind.

Always ensure you take great care when caring for your skin, whether through sunscreen or any other method. Not only can sunscreen make you appear younger over time; it may also reduce risk for cancerous growths as well as other skin health concerns.