How to make butter coffee fast!

Butter Coffee Recipes is a great way to support a healthier diet that’s higher in fat and lower in carbs. This coffee will keep you full and not break your intermittent fast. This simple recipe makes a great low-carb drink.

Coffee for Intermittent Fasting

Butter coffee is high-fat and low-carb coffee. It is basically hot coffee with butter or other healthy fats like coconut oil. Depending on how much butter you add, butter coffee can have 150-300 calories per cup.

Butter coffee has no sugar or carbs. Butter coffee can be used to extend intermittent fasting without increasing blood sugar.

  1. Brewed Coffee or Cold Press Coffee?

This recipe calls for two cups of regular or cold brewed organic coffee. You will need to heat cold brew coffee first before adding the butter.

  1. Combine the coffee and butter in a high-speed blender

A regular blender can be used or a battery-powered whisker. However, a high-speed blender will produce the best butter coffee froth.

  1. Coconut Oil or MCT Oil can be added

MCT oil should be used if you plan to eat breakfast. However, MCT oil may increase blood ketone levels in coffee if you are fasting. For women, or for anyone who requires more protein in their morning coffee, it is an excellent option to add protein to your cup.

  1. Mix and enjoy!

Blend it together for 10-15 seconds or until you get a creamy butter coffee. Enjoy hot!

This recipe is quick and easy! You can make this recipe in 5 minutes if you prepare cold-press coffee the night before. If you do not, it will take you less than 2 minutes.

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