Construction of “Sarkeys Fitness Center”

The Sarkeys Fitness Center has received a boost! The Student Government Association (SGA), has provided funds to upgrade the weight rooms with new floors, equipment, a mural by Fine Arts, as well as establish a functional training area. New flooring will also be installed in the locker room.

When school begins in January, the weight room will be almost complete. The current equipment will be moved in the dead week. It will ZIP Fitness continue to finals. Sarkeys fitness center equipment will be available to workouts on the west basketball court during this period. The Bridge will have a downstairs area that will house primarily weight plates and Nautilus equipment. Visit ou.edufar for more information about the weight room.

Over winter break, the locker room floor will go up. All belongings should be removed from lockers by December 13th. After the floor is installed, staff will inspect all lockers and clean them. We expect dust and debris to settle after the project. Policies dictate that belongings in lockers are disposed of.

The Mural and Functional Fitness Room will be Finished in Summer 2020

To accommodate the new floors and equipment installation, the Sarkeys Fitness Center will remain closed from December 14 to January 8. The growth pains will lead to a tremendous gain! We are grateful for the SGA’s commitment to campus health and we are grateful!

Wild Rivers Pilates & Fitness Online

Sarkeys fitness center Online classes are available for clients who have no equipment or need to travel. You can either work with us live via our Skype channel, or we can create a customized recorded workout just for you. Equipment classes are offered with the Chair, Reformer and Ladder Barrel. You can also learn how to mimic your Reformer exercises using a variety of props such as the Foam roller, Magic Circle, Foam roller, Stability ball and Therabands.

  • Screening: All clients will be screened at their appointment time to ensure they aren’t showing symptoms. Clients who present with COVID-19 symptoms will be advised to call their doctor and return home.
  • Screening of staff: Every employee will be tested for COVID-19 every day. Anyone with symptoms of any kind will be sent home to see their doctor before they return to work.
  • All staff are being trained on how to wash their hands and take preventative measures against equipment and supplies.