The Essential WoW “BfA Cooking Trainer” Guide

The professions are what make Blizzard’s World of Warcraft franchise so unique. Cooking is the easiest profession to learn and one of the most enjoyable. We’ve created the best WoW BfA Cooking Trainer Guide.

What were the cooking changes made by the bfa cooking trainer ?

WoW’s 7th expansion brought many important changes to the beloved WoW cooking. The most significant was the division of cooking by faction. You now have two distinct cooking skills: Zandalari Cooking and Kul Tiran Cooking, for Alliance players.

This is to clearly distinguish Alliance cooking skills from Horde cooking skills. It also makes the profession feel more unique since it is related to your faction. Blizzard also decided to lower the maximum skill level for all professions in the game. This is how the current maximum skill level for professions in the game looks:

  • Classic professions – 300
  • TBC (Outland), WotLK(Northrend), Cata, and MoP (Pandaria), professions – 75
  • WoD (Draenor), and Legion professions – 100
  • Bfa cooking trainer professions 150

What can I do to learn more about bfa cooking trainer?

Visit your faction’s cooking instructor to learn how to cook in Battle for Azeroth. Each trainer is located on one of the new continents, Kul Tiras or Zandalar. Here are the locations and names of those who can be found:

Alliance – Reach “Cap’n”, Byron Mehlsack in Boralus (Tiragarde sound, Kul Tiras). Exact location: 71.23 in Tradewinds Market, 10.72

Horde – Visit T’sarah, the Royal Chef, in Dazar’alor, Zuldazar, Zandalar. The exact location of the inn (The Royal Meat Rack), in Dazar’alor

After you have found the right cooking instructor for your faction, you will be awarded either the Zandalari Cooking or Kul Tiran Cooking professions. These profession trainers can be used to learn the profession of cooking, but they also provide general cooking tips.

How can I make more balanced?

You would do the same thing as if you were leveling up your cooking skills in Legion, WoD or MoP. – By crafting/cooking foods/foods. The BfA cooking instructor recipes require different skill levels to learn, unlike Legion. You will also notice that the colors of recipes are different to indicate their potential to improve your cooking skills.

  • Orange – Always raises your profession’s level
  • Yellow – Most of the time, increase your profession’s status
  • Green – Rarely raise your profession’s level
  • Grey – Do not increase the level of your profession.