Isabella Citizens for Health: Announces a Payoff

Isabella Citizens for Health Inc. is a federally-qualified health center that provides primary care for residents of Isabella County, Michigan. It has paid off nearly $1.2 Million of McLaren Central Michigan’s credit line.

The initial loan of $20,000 was granted in November 2010. It was extended by McLaren Central Michigan to ICH in 2015 to create a community mtsu health services center. As a strategic vision to ensure that all central Michigan residents have access to future care, the McLaren Central Michigan Board of Directors approved financial support for this initiative.

“In 2010, a small group concerned residents met to discuss how the community could provide primary healthcare for all county residents. McLaren Central Michigan, then under the direction of Bill Lawrence, the Hospital Board, was also committed to this cause. They joined the group Isabella Citizens for Health, Inc. The community ocean mental health center would not have been possible without the loan from McLaren Central Michigan. Steven Berkshire EdD, President of ICH Board of Directors, and one of its founders, stated the following:

“On behalf the ICH Board, its staff and providers, we thank McLaren Central Michigan, and in particular Bill Lawrence, for their vision and belief.

In 2013, the center was able to start operations with one doctor. In 2015, ICH was officially designated by the harbour women’s health Resources and Services Administration as a Federally Qualified Health Center. HRSA is an U.S. Department of Health and Human Services agency.

The center’s mission is to improve people’s overall neosporin lip health. It also offers a range of services that are not usually found in a medical practice, such as integrated nursing case management and outpatient therapy and counselling, and substance abuse services. ICH also offers prescription assistance, transportation assistance and a sliding-fee discount for patients who are uninsured or underinsured.

These services are available to all age groups, regardless of their insurance status

The health center, which currently serves as the primary care medical home for more than 6,500 people, will be providing approximately 22,000 patient visits in 2018. ICH has nine primary care providers, two outpatient therapists and two other staff members. It is located in Mt. Pleasant at the Central Michigan Health Park. Pleasant. In 2019, ICH will move into the new 24,000 square foot building. The new 24,000 sq. ft. medical building includes space for additional services, including an onsite pharmacy and lab.

Martin Tursky, the current President/CEO at McLaren Central Michigan said that “We congratulate Isabella Citizens for Health for their success.” “The Hospital is proud that they assisted in the formation of FQHC and we fully support their efforts to be a top-rated healthcare provider in this region. We are proud of their accomplishment and look forward to our continued positive working relationship over the coming years.”

Isabella Citizens for Health has plans to add new services in order to meet the Demand

In November 2019, 35 employees moved into Isabella Citizens for Health (ICH) at 2790 Health Parkway, Mt. Pleasant believed there would be enough space to accommodate at least five more years. With 65 employees and growing demand for its services, the company is planning to expand its existing facility in the fall.

One factor that has led to ICH needing more employees is the pandemic causing a demand for community COVID-19 tests and vaccinations. ICH provides walk-in and drive-thru vaccinations as well as primary care services.

There is a strong demand for services from residents in the Mt. Pleasant community who wish to transfer their primary care to Isabella Citizens for Health. ICH will be better able to serve the community by expanding its facility.

Jennifer White, chief executive officer of Isabella Citizens for Health, stated that “in order for us to continue growing and providing the services that are required in our community, it is necessary to start our expansion.” “The expansion will add 24,000 square feet to our existing space. It’s effectively going to double it.”

The two-story addition proposed to be built next to the existing facility will offer three additional pediatric providers spaces, six family practitioners, and integrated behavioral leahi health care services.

“In our current building we have a laboratory on-site as well as a pharmacy. White says that the whole idea behind our care model is to make it a one-stop shop so that people can get all they need in one place.

When the building opens, there will be four additional outpatient therapists. The structures will be linked by a walkway connecting the front entrances. This will allow patients easy access to both buildings.