How to get a sharp jawline using the “Mewing exercise”?

Sharp Jawline is believed to use the Mewing exercise method to shape bone and facial muscles.

Simply push your entire tongue up to the palate. Dr. Michael Mew says that if you do this for a while, your facial bone structure will develop a Sharp Jawline.

How to Get a Sharp Jawline with the Mewing Exercise?

  • 1. How do you Sew Correctly?

It is easiest to feel the tip of your tongue, but it can be difficult to control the position behind your tongue. This makes the Mewing method more time-consuming to learn.

Let the tip of the tongue touch the gums between Yoga Girls the two front teeth. Next, smile as shown below. Close your mouth and you will instantly feel your entire tongue touch your upper jaw.

You should always keep your tongue forward and up, as this can also affect the breathing tube. You have probably done something wrong if you experience discomfort in your breathing.

  • 2.What is the time commitment for Sharp Jawline practice and How long are the Results?

Mewing exercise is similar to braces in that it takes time for Mewing to achieve results, especially for adults. Many vloggers have the effects of Mewing after just 1-2 months.

Sharp Jawline can make a difference in your face if you keep it up for a month. The cheekbones will be lifted and the lower jaw bone clearer. Sharp Jawlines make many faces look more attractive due to their clarity.

You will notice a decrease in fat in your lower jaw after 6-12 months. Your facial structure will be clearly lifted and the sharp chin will disappear.

Although Mewing exercise isn’t a technique for improving beauty, it can still have positive effects on adult facial contours.

Today, there are many people who are skeptical of this Mewing exercise beauty method. However, even dentists can’t deny that pushing the tongue up the throat with a shovel is deceptive or unscientific.

Dr. Michael Mew says that the reason for the dislocated jaws and cheekbones is years of sleeping, chewing and breathing through the mouth. You should not breathe through your nose. Instead, practice chewing solid foods, sleeping on both your stomach and back. This will prevent bones and facial muscles from becoming distorted.