Peter Attia Supplements: What He Does and Why

Peter Attia Supplements, a doctor by training, is perhaps best known for his podcast and appearances on podcasts such as Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss. Attia currently focuses his efforts on science and living a longer, more healthy life. Every patient he treats has different risk factors. Therefore, each treatment plan is unique. The same goes for you. Peter’s best option for his health is not necessarily the best for yours.

Peter Attia Supplements

Peter does not believe that supplementation should be done in one size fits all. Peter talks about the supplements he uses with hesitation in case others copy his approach to supplementation.

It’s possible to still gain insight from peter attia supplements actions, given his detailed explanations of what he does and doesn’t do, however.

To research this section, I looked back at all the times Peter has spoken about supplements. Starting in 2011, and continuing to the present. It is also encouraging to see how Peter’s supplementation has evolved over time. We are all in the same boat when it comes to understanding and research changing over time.

To save you time, I have linked the main peter attia supplements that he has talked about, so you can jump directly to those sections.

Peter discussed Omega-3 Fish Oil as the main supplement to BCAAs and has been taking it consistently since 2011.

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D (at the level you desire)
  • Lithium (why a low dose might be of interest)
  • Aspirin and new scepticism about its use for flights and CV risk
  • Berberine (what Peter loves it for)
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil

While peter attia supplements may have changed a lot between 2011-2019, one thing has remained constant: the supplementation with omega-3 fish oils.

Experts seem to agree that modern diets do not provide enough omega-3 fatty acid. Looking at Joe Rogan (link), and Dr Rhonda Patrick (link), I found that they take omega-3 fatty acid daily.

2016 – Tools of Titans Chapter

Peter Attia Supplements

Each chapter in Tim Ferriss’ 2016 book, Tools of Titans is a collection of tips from different people. Peter Attia shares some helpful tips on supplements in the Peter Attia Chapter.

He discusses first, supplements that he doesn’t take:

Peter does not advocate multivitamins. (See more below).

Vitamins A, E – peter attia supplements doesn’t believe he requires more vitamins than he absorbs from whole foods.

Vitamin K – Peter believes that you can get enough vitamin K by eating leafy green veggies (a big “if” for many people). However, vitamin K2 may require different diets.

Vitamin C – He believes that most people have enough vitamin C in their diet. Megadoses of vitamin C may seem appealing, especially for fighting viral infections, but vitamin C isn’t readily available in oral form.