Calum Von Moger backs “Staunch Supplements”

Staunch Supplements

Staunch Supplements, a brand that was launched in the last few months, is inspired by and supported by Generation Iron 2 star Calum Von Mger. Staunch started with a slightly different product line that included a few semi-complex formulas as well as three pre-workouts.

Supplements says that the best way to understand its name is to be “firm or steadfast” in principle, adherence and loyalty. A strong brand that stands behind reliable and honest products.

Staunch Supplements for semi-complexity

The first part of Staunch Supplements’ line up will be a breakdown of its semi-complex products. These include Whey Isolate (an isolate protein powder containing a mix of digestive enzymes), and BCAA + Hydration. BCAA + Hydration is next, which contains a combination of coconut water, Sustamine glutamine, and 7g of BCAAs to aid in muscle building and recovery. Creatine Five is the final formula. It contains five types of creatine, totaling 4.95g.

Pre-workouts should be done with a firm grip

Pre Original by Staunch Supplements has a lot to offer. It includes 6g of citrulline malate, 2g CarnoSyn beta–alanine for performance and 180mg caffeine for energy and focus. Pre Zero-Stim uses a similar mixture of ingredients but has some changes like Nitrosigine instead or arginine AKG and orotic acid instead beta-alanine. It also contains a blend that is caffeine-free for energy and focus.

Premium Koala Freak

The Staunch Supplements’ most powerful and premium pre-workout, Koala Freak appears to be it. Pre Original contains many of the same ingredients and dosages as Pre Original. It also includes 33% more agmatine and 450mg Peak-ATP. This pre-workout blend has a slightly different energy mix with 360mg caffeine per serving.

Where to Buy offers a detailed look at all the Calum Von Moger-backed Staunch Supplements. You can find out more about each brand’s six products and even purchase any of them. You can save about 10% by purchasing three bulk bottles of all the supplements on the website.