What are some different types of public health degrees?

What are some different types of public health degrees?

The umbrella field of public healthcare can lead to several associate, bachelor, master’s, and doctoral degree programs. You can specialize in community health, preventive medicine, public education and promotion and health services management. Learn more about the public health degrees programs.

Overview of Public Health Degrees

A degree in health administration could lead to a variety of careers. These graduates may be employed as instructors at local universities, by local public-health departments, in hospitals working with patients and families, or in other non-profit organizations. You can choose from a variety of degree levels, including master’s, doctoral and bachelor’s.

Community Health and Preventive Medicine

The field of public health is a specialization that allows students to design, implement, manage, and evaluate programs for underserved populations. This includes minorities and citizens from developing countries.

Environmental Health

Environmental health majors study how the physical environment impacts human health. This includes studying radiation, pollutants and chemical contaminants.

Health Services Administration

The degree program prepares students for administrative roles in doctors’ offices, hospitals and government health programs. Instruction includes all aspects of business and administration in and around a hospital or government agency.

International Public Health

These degree programs can be used to study international public health. A subset is dedicated to international public health, which focuses exclusively on travel health matters like the immunizations needed to travel to different parts.

Maternal and Child Health

In order to provide public health services for mothers and children, students explore both medical and social options. This field offers public health degrees that can be used to teach mothers about pregnancy, infant and child-rearing.

Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene

Industrial hygiene and occupational health majors are trained to create and enforce safety and health measures in a range of workplaces. This course covers sanitation, epidemiology, critical-response protocols, and public health policy.

Public Health Education and Promotion

These individuals might be able to learn ways to communicate information about healthcare and preventive medicine to the public by choosing this route. Many go on to work with governmental health agencies in order to educate the public about public health issues, such epidemics.

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